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The first edition of BananaRAM was hold in 2002 on September 18-22: installations, performances and conventions presented and discussed the new artistic trends that use digital technologies and refer to the Internet as a creative input and medium, we were the first in Italy to present Maciej Wisniewski’s Netomat, the Multimedia search Engine, the PYR8FREETV performance

made exclusively for the first edition of BananaRAM by underground graffiti legend and cyber spasm artist Joey Krebs aka the Street Phantom webcast from Los Angeles; as well Thomson & Craighed presented a preview of the new project called DOT STORE.

The first edition was a real success in terms of audience that at present is mostly from United States, Europe and Oceania. BananaRAM is moving forward to extend its Network to Asia and Africa, involving institutions, artists, scholars and industry executives in order to create a better BananaRAM world for the upcoming years. At this regard we have just started a co-operation with Digi-Arts the Knowledge Portal of UNESCO.

BananaRAM is an idea of Gianluca D’Agostino and Maria Rita Silvestri.

Gianluca D’Agostino has worked as News Producer for major news organizations such as CNN and APTN, he is a PhD in Theory of Communication at Università di Macerata and has been a Researcher at the Center for the Study of the Novel at Stanford University and Visiting Scholar at the Film Studies Program at University of California Berkeley. ceo@bananaram.org

Maria Rita Silvestri has published a number of novels and obtained an award for “The Magic of Art” in 1991. She studied Art & Society at Università di Bologna and published several articles about Art for major publishing organizations like De Agostini and Electa Mondadori. She is one of the Italian pioneers in studying and writing about Net arts. heart@bananaram.org